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The thought of becoming a Travel Agent had never crossed my mind. I have always been the one to plan my entire family trips, so my family started calling me Julie, from “The Love Boat”. However, I had my Travel Agent friend plan a trip to Punta Cana for my husband, my two daughters, granddaughter, and myself. She approached me and suggested I become a Travel Agent, since I had a little experience. So I jumped on board, working as a Travel Agent while maintaining my full time job as a Paraprofessional. Upon retiring, I now work full time as a Home Based Travel Agent. I’ve been a Travel Agent now for five years, and I must say, I love what I do. Being a Travel Agent has opened up a whole new world for me and I couldn’t be more happier. I love it when my clients thank me for doing a great job, as I enjoy making my clients dreams come true. I reside in Fayetteville, GA, with my husband of 37 years. We have three children , four grandchildren, and two granddogs.

Marsha A Perry